Bra for boys!?

This is disgustingly SICK!!! Though I wouldn’t be surprised it’ll be a BIG HIT if that happened in Kuwait… And chaotic too!

I’m writing this with the feeling of being visually violated…

Some lingerie shop in Japan is offering $30 bras for cross-dressers (Noting that cross-dressers aren’t transexuals… They’re just curious men discovering their inner woman)… The worst part is, they sold more than 300 pieces and now working on men-stocking!!!!

Now don’t be surprised if you saw a hairy fat bastard wearing A BRA and FEMININE STUFF walking down the stairs with a lame excuse such as “That’s a Japanese fashion”!!!

That’s what you get from trying to equalize two totally-non-similar-genders… Along with Kuwaiti female cops (It could be hot though :P)…

Thank you Japan… You always float weird stuff to the surface *throwing up*

An image I found at ICHC... I LOLed
An image I found at ICHC... I LOLed

Click here to read the REUTERS link (Weirdly it’s not in their “Oddly Enough” category)

***UPDATE: ITS ON “Oddly Enough” CATEGORY NOW***

5 thoughts on “Bra for boys!?

  1. 1995:
    In a Seinfeld episode, George’s father and Kramer come up with an idea for a male bra (they dispute whether to name it “bro” or “mansiere”).

    Japanese shop sells male bras.

    Talk about striking the iron while it’s hot!

  2. You wouldn’t feel so violated if you were an old man who has shoulder and back problems due to his sagginng man-boobs lol!


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