Blues & Rock with The Mojolaters

If you like old school Blues and Rock music, you’ll definitely enjoy being there!

Few things you should know about my weird taste of music is that I’m really REALLY picky and anticipate mistakes and flaws local bands make here in Kuwait from doing something wrong in songs, missing something, replacing something, pronouncing a word wrong or just any simple mistake. These guys are barely flawless!

I have been in two of their performances (At least that’s what I remember, I’m sure I’ve been to more) and my booty started to shake against my will (Which was a problem while taking photos).

It will be on January 27th (4 days from now) in Rotana Al-Manshar shown in the map below:

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I don’t know about tickets, but expect something from 10KD to 15KD. Food will be included of course so you better starve yourself before going there xD

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