Blu-ray on Sega DreamCast!?

It’s a PC Case mod… Not a real DreamCast… Sorry 😛 (Though I would love seeing DreamCast resurruction)

That box holds Sony NEC Blu-ray drive, AMD mini-ITX 780G Chipset, ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics, HDMI output, 4GB RAM and 160GB storage…

Costs $1,045 (285.546KD according to XE)… Not for sale yet…

More details can be found at the Engadget article.

12 thoughts on “Blu-ray on Sega DreamCast!?

  1. ?

    dude, i’m talking about consoles not games.

    btw, for you people out there that didn’t get it, gamecube rules..
    oh yeah, and Pokemon Gold is and probably will continue to be the best RPG i played.

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