BlackBerry Tablet

The Wall Street Journal states that Research in Motion , BlackBerry makers, are going to announce a Tablet PC pretty soon. According to the article the so called “BlackPad” is going to be released in Q4 of this year and specifications as follow

  • A 7″ Touch screen
  • One or two built in camera’s
  • Bluetooth and broadband
  • New non blackberry based Operating System

One interesting thing i found in the article is that it can only connect through a cellular network by tethering with a BlackBerry phone so this looks interesting.

Source : WallStreetJournal

3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Tablet

  1. As long as the tablet is not a laptop replacement whats the use of even talking about it

    why would i want to carry a device that can only do what a mobile phone does and with the graphical power of the Samsung Galaxy S surpassing that of the Playstation 2 i dont think they can do much that can beat that

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