BlackBerry bannage!

The BlackBerry incident is now a main concern, so I’d like to have a stab at it. And I’m going to write it in my own sense…

KSA and UAE are against its encrypted data. KSA already blocked the service for few hours and returned it back to end deals with RIM to have access to BlackBerry data when needed (Not monitored 24/7, only when needed) and to have a RIM server in KSA while UAE set a final date to block the service by October 11th.

Oman and Bahrain are going against what KSA and UAE doing and opposing it. Bahrain’s Crown Prince says that KSA and UAE actions are “ignorant”.

Kuwait won’t block the service, but they’re in talk with RIM to provide options and solutions regarding security and moral issues (Kiddie porn, I assume xD).

Now, shifting away from the Persian Gulf, India is taking UAE’s approach while Indonesia is taking Kuwait’s approach regarding this issue while Lebanon is asking RIM to provide some sort of special software to gain access over BlackBerry data.

Sources? You ask for’em:
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3 thoughts on “BlackBerry bannage!

  1. GO BLOCK THE SERVICE, BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK!! dont get me wrong, i just want to see the kuwaiti BB retardation ends! Comeon even you know they crossed the line, a baby gets born with a BB!!

  2. I also say that Kuwait should block RIM’s services. Not because of the same reasoning my anti-blackberry person mentioned above, but because of the same reasoning mentioned by the UAE and KSA.

    As little faith as I have in the guys running the show here, I still trust them to protect the public and do what is required to do insure public safety. Even if that means having to monitor communications.

    Also, RIM’s biased attitude is also another reason to ban BB. compiling with some countries and refusing to do so with others is just stupid.

    If a country refuses to ban a service that poses a security risk merely because it wants to appear “civilized” to other “civilized” countries, then that is ignorance itself.

    Ban it.

  3. Even though I hate Black Berry and its shitty OS and the whole BB fest. I’m against banning it. No phone should be banned just because they can’t spy on the people. Everyone has the right to privacy.

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