Birdies and Kites

Well, it’s been a while since I last time wrote in my blog… I’ve been busy and all…

I have alot of stuff to write about, but I’ll do it slowly…

Anyways, since I’ve been away from both blogging and photography, I thought of taking my Sony Alpha 300x for a sping to see what it would be like to take pictures with it…

The results are:
5 pictures of Salmiya Sea Front
5 unsorted pictures

Since the total is something like 59 pictures (I have some that I haven’t published) out of 210 pictures, I’ll put a picture of each album and links to the albums…

So here we go:

Hope you enjoy the pix =D

Click at the links below to check their album…

Birds AlbumKites AlbumSalmiya Sea Front AlbumUnsortedMy Gallery

2 thoughts on “Birdies and Kites

  1. you should check the links below and see the whole pictures… i just posted these pictures as samples

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