Best manga ever, Ubunchu!

I never thought i’d be reading a manga one day, but this is an exceptional one.

Ubunchu is its name, the manga is made for geeks and anime/manga people. I’m really amazed!! It’s hilarious and amazing. This is a big success as i see it, and the people behind this are brilliant. And the fact that it’s licensed under the Creative Commons, you can download it legally for free. I’d like to tell you what it’s about and the story, but i don’t want to ruin it for you.

Till now I’ve read 3 episodes, which are the only ones that got released, and i cant wait for the next episode!! You should read/see this even if you’re not a geek, it’s a unique one!!!  btw geeks must read this manga and should subscribe! (just like me)

Here, the links for the English PDF versions:

Official Blog:

And if you want to know how i knew about this, it was this


4 thoughts on “Best manga ever, Ubunchu!

  1. LOL, yeah i have read the 1st episode a while back, its so good! Thanks for the reminder, gonna continue reading 😛

  2. @GothyGeekah: So im not the only one reading and loving this manga!! 😀
    @Loolykinns:well, you can read the post again! ooorrrrrrrr you can ask a clear question, cause “Wait What?!” could be understood on so many levels (having lots of replies)!

    So somebody actually read this post after all 🙂

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