This is something I’ve never thought of occurring…

Well, I’ll dump some quote from the website:

Barrelfish is a new research operating system being built from scratch in a collaboration between ETH Zurich in Switzerland and Microsoft Research Cambridge in the UK. We are exploring how to structure an OS for future multi- and many-core systems. We are motivated by two closely related trends in hardware design: first, the rapidly growing number of cores, which leads to a scalability challenge, and second, the increasing diversity in computer hardware, requiring the OS to manage and exploit heterogeneous hardware resources.

Oooh, here’s something interesting as well:

Barrelfish is released under the 3-clause BSD-style Open Source licence.

This should be interesting =D … Does that mean there might be an awesome *BSD release that can run Windows softwares perfectly and the other way around, FOR FREE!?

Barrelfish’s website.


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