BarCamp 2 videos

Alright everyone, gather around and enjoy our what we talked about at BarCamp 2 that happened two days ago.

First, I’d like to thank Ahamshay, MBHKewl and BlogAllAlong for bring the videos to YouTube. I wanted so bad to do the streaming with my retarded PS3Eye cam, but hey, they got better stuff.

Now, I’ll start with my presentation (Yes, screw time order xD), snipped down, then will go with the presenters videos by timeline:

This is me talking about it with a retarded English (I don’t speak this weird with my friends… I sort of speak better):

Now, the whole three videos =D

NOTE: I didn’t know EVE Online uses Python even though I’ve been playing it alot… If it means something, Python kicks ass! (Gonna download IronPython soon)… That, and BarCamp was sponsered by Microsoft xD

Oh, here’s a close-up of the how my machine works (That if you missed it):

2 thoughts on “BarCamp 2 videos

  1. What’s the point of coding in python if you intend to lock yourself in one specific platform. coding in any other .net language makes more sense.

    About the project, do you have any schematics and why not post the code? I might post about your project on another site (arabic), so details would be nice. I haven’t watched the video yet so if you addressed these questions in it, just ignore the last part 🙂

  2. Yea well, I am going to add in some details soon. specially on how I did the mechanism (Super glue + Acrylic board = funny fumes)

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