Backups on PS3 Geohot’s CFW

Ok ok , got backups to run on Geohots Firmware lol , making .pkg files are Really easy now no need for command lines , so i’m gonna compile every game i have xD .

Anyway you will shortly see Castlevania on Ps3 running on the HDD nothing inside the Blu-ray Drive !


Source : AlOmar Daily

8 thoughts on “Backups on PS3 Geohot’s CFW

  1. GoGo Piracy!
    Actually running everything from HDD is an advantage! a lot faster than BD.

    As usual, a company releases something and hackers make it even better!
    Sadly this is getting common on the technology world. Wii, iPhone, PSP and now PS3.

    1. Yes, but no! I would never consider this “piracy”, he owns the game – paid the amount of money – and can play it anytime. He’s not compiling it then passing it to another guy or selling it. <_<

      PS: I don't "pirate" stuff and still would play ISO's from PSP memory stick even if I bought the game! And you already mentioned the reason! 🙂

      1. LOL my comment wasn’t like that, it got hidden because of the ‘>’ and ‘<‘ as if they were tags!

        Original comment:

        It wasn’t there when it was first posted! >_> But great! ^_^
        It wasn’t there when it was first posted! <_< But great! v_v #never mind this line, I just wanned to put them all! XD

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