BACCH: Every moment counts.

So, me and GHOS1_R33P0R went to the Avenues yesterday and ended up having some Italian food (Not a big fan of it, but what the hell, thought of going for it anyway).

We enjoyed our noms and all… Paid our bill and the waiter told us about donating for this Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice thing and how they take care of kids with serious illness whether in their house or in the hospice.

After the food and all and we spent around 15KD for that food (Which wasn’t so bad)… So spending another 2KD as a donation and getting one of dem badges shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re chilling in some coffee shop (Starbucks or Caribou) and saw those badges, please, contribute and buy atleast one even though you might not wear it (I pinned it to my lappy bag… Yaay)… Who knows, you might end up having a child with a critical condition in some future (I just hope not… But life can be cruel y’know)…

No really, instead of paying 50KD for a hooker\trap you met in IRC (Believe me, I saw that happens) or 40KD for a fancy Polo shirt (Where you could’ve spent 10KD for a polo shirt with the same quality) to show off how fancy you are and all, it’ll be wiser to spend 2KD to support such a noble cause (And to satisfy your ego, wear the badge and show people that you’re noble and spent 2KD to help some kids rather than spending 2KD ~ 3KD eating yogurt and fruit in “Pinkberry”. Which you can spend 1KD buying the same ingredients and make yourself one at home and probably have double the portion)

Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice

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