Auto block urself

host file

Do you ever waste too much time online?
does your stumble keep u clicking through more and more pages every minute ?

do you find urself mindlessly signing in to facebook or watching youtube videos at work ?

well if you are like me and find it is starting to affect your work, then this is ur best option!

Go into your hosts file and add similar entries to each website of which u access really often, this will make it think that these sites are hosted on your local machine, and will try to access it locally rather than query the dns records for this site.

If in case you wanna do something similar for linux or mac, here is the location of the hosts file:
Windows : C;\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\
Mac OS X, iOS : /private/etc/hosts or /etc/hosts
Most Unix: /etc/hosts

Thus u get a free easy to use blocking of your favorite websites… this will be tough on me…
P.S. if you are addicted to stumbe, then you have no option other than removing that addon from hell !

3 thoughts on “Auto block urself

  1. lol!!!!

    am sorry but i didnt see that !! hehehe

    I knew this was probably common knowledge for most of the ppl here but i just felt like sharing 😀

  2. how to phish for fish:
    1- “hack” any windows pc (yes, doing this on your college’s work pc is fine. but it must be windows).
    2- include as,, or whatever you like. but choose one ?unless you’ll be using virtual hosts?
    3- install a light-weight server (cherrypy or even the built-in python module) with decent scripting facilities.
    4- Copy/Past Google/msn/whatever HTML and cofigure server to send password to a one-time email address which you check on only from a public hotspot while wearing a fake mustache.
    5- profit

    seriously though, It’s a great way to test out websites without actually deploying them.

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