August, 2nd, 1990

I’ll start with pictures of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August, 2nd, 1990.

Yep, today in 20 years ago, Kuwait got invaded by Iraq. What happened back then was so bad in so many levels. I was 5 years old and my family have been snuck out during the invasion\war so I (thank god) haven’t suffered much compared to those who lived through the invasion.

My civilian POW (Prisoner of War) cousin that died as an innocent civilian prisoner of war (Which found out about his death more than atleast 10 years after the invasion) leaving a family behind.

Palestinians providing Iraqis intel and actually joining their side even though Kuwait provided them shelter and life quality that were as good as local citizen ones if not any better. They’re not the same? Atleast not anymore? I yet to meet one that’s not.

The loss occurred to Kuwait from civilian mass murders committed by Iraqi forces, environmental caused by burning our oil fields or demolishing our landscapes and constructions including “Om Al-Aish” comm-station (I remember it because I took photos there).

The theft and mass murder of civilians performed by Iraqis… It’s just… wrong…

Interesting in having a taste of what happened? Go to “كي لا ننسى” museum in Shuwaikh close to Shuwaikh beach or “متحف شهداء القرين” museum in Qurain… You’ll have a peek of what happened back then.

Things would’ve been way worst without the Desert Storm operation and whoever contributed in it.

One thought on “August, 2nd, 1990

  1. It’s so sad to that even in the 20th century, us arabs went back the days of jahiliyya and attacked each other…
    What a shame it is that iraq did such a move… there is nothing that would ever justify this.
    In lebanon we have memories of when Israel attacked us, massacres done by israeli forces aided by some other religious groups.
    But we also have memories of massacres done by syrians, prisoners of war whose fates are still unknown, who are just rotting over in syrian prisons to this date.

    What happened to the days when Islam killed the jahiliyya days of pillaging and attacking each other to form 1 group ?

    Till when will we stay divided?

    Its impossible to just forget all the injustice done towards us, but we cant stay divided like this either :S

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