Arresting the “World Fastest Office Chair”!!!

Germany won’t have enough weirdness…
This is not related to the article... Just a funny picture that I think it might fit

Some 17-years old kids invented as the German Police described “what may be the world’s fastest office chair”…

They made it by adding bicycle breaks, metal frame and a lawnmower engine… I mean thats what idleness could lead to…

They might be charged for several violations; defying insurance regulations, driving without license and violating registration requirements…

Bad thing they didn’t share the top speed it reached… But seriously, these fellows shouldn’t be harmed because they’re idle and were creative and productive… They should be invested in other stuff to improve things…

I’m sure we have such people in here that’d have a huge amount of idle hours which needs to be invested to improve this “moving backward country”… But who’s actually giving a hand? I’m sure there are some institutes, societies and others who’s actually giving hands not just a hand… But that’s not really enough… WE NEED MOAR HANDS!! MOOOAAAARR!!!

Anyways, Here’s the Associated Press link.

2 thoughts on “Arresting the “World Fastest Office Chair”!!!

  1. HA !!! We Germans did it again!!!
    Too bad there is so many regulations that stop the ingenuity of these young kids … 🙂

    Here in Kuwait nobody would have said anything except: “Keshra!” or “Halwa!” or just “Cool” if the kids would have taken it to Gulf Road!!! 🙂

    (excuse my bad ‘Kuwaiti’ … 😛

  2. gotta hand it to Germans… weirdly amazing =P

    and yes… we’d go like thats amazing, thats cool, thats weird or thats funneeeh

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