Apple’s Keynote October 2010… Disappointment…

OK, just when I thought I’ll open up my heart a little but for Apple and have some love for them, they screw me up big time… And here I am regretting the second I thought of thinking to buy MacBook Air 11.6″ for “Portability”…

First, I’ll talk about MacBook Air.

I was having my eyes on 11.6″ MacBook Air because it’ll be reasonably priced, good CPU (I thought of something like > 2.4GHz) and great battery hours (10 hours)… But it’s just slim for nothing… Here are the specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (1.4GHz ~ 1.6GHz on 11.6″, 1.86GHz ~ 2.13GHz on 13.3″)
RAM: DDR3 (2GB or 4GB)
Storage: SSD (64GB or 128GB with $200 difference in price JUST for that)
Graphic: GeForce 320M (1366 x 768 on 11.6″ and 1440 x 900 on 13.3″)
Battery life: 5 hours
Price: 11.6″ for $999 (282KD) ~ $1,199 (338KD) and 13.3″ for $1,299 (366KD) ~ $1,599 (451KD)

OK, Seriously!? I mean, My laptop has better specs than that!!

Alright fine, add just $400 (112KD), and get this specs:

Done with MacBook Air? Now let’s talk about Mac OSX 10.7:

How in the hell Facetime is a whole new feature in this system? OK, I understand the iPhone-to-MacBook voice-calls connectivity… But seriously, we have a more efficient way to do that. It’s called “SKYPE”.

Mission Control isn’t a big feature either… It’s just an upgrade to Exposé where it arranges windows by applications or other categories.

Mac Appstore, I sort of understand the Appstore concept just like Ubuntu’s Synaptic. Let’s just hope their Mac Appstore rules doesn’t go as kinky as iPhone\iPod\iPad Appstore.

Auto-saving content when crashes sounds fun. So does auto-resuming features sounds fun… Wait, doesn’t Hibernating do that already?

Even though I’m not an Apple fan and a total Anti-Apple, this really REALLY disappoints me 🙁

Oh, you know how things in Mac OSX works out of the box and you don’t need to install major stuff? Well, check this out:

True that Flash isn’t a standard, but according to Engadget (Haven’t used Mac OSX to make sure), previous Mac OSXes includes Adobe Flash…

Now that’s one argument down since all the three amigos (Windows, Linux and Mac OSX) doesn’t work everything out of the box (You still can install Flash though)

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2 thoughts on “Apple’s Keynote October 2010… Disappointment…

  1. Apple’s Back to the Mac event was..*how should I say this without hurting the fan-boys yet insulting Apple discretely*…Revolutionary!!! Isn’t that Amazing!! 😀

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