6 thoughts on “Apple’s iPhone head mounted display dock patent!

  1. You idiot!

    It’s a dock, there’s a 2nd screen there that displays things…

  2. oh yea, now that i think about it, it makes more sense!!

    I really don’t think im the idiot, Apple is! I’ll be waiting to see people sitting wearing that doing nothing!

    … hey, “display dock”, just read the title!

    and i think Apple follow this procedure:
    1. think of the invented things
    2. put one over another
    3. put patent

  3. No, you’re an idiot for thinking of using the iPhone\Pod’s screen as an HMD =P


    i would even think of a more stupid one, I DONT QUESTION APPLE, they do the weirdest and the stupidest things ever, since iPad, im ready to believe anything

  5. i wonder if now, a girl asking another girl if she can borrow her pad is any less awkward :p

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