Apple to release antenna-gate-free iPhone 4!?

And this is why the “أنا شغلي كله أبل اب أبل” guy should’ve waited before buying it.

Back to post, according to a Mexican tech site Canal-MX (And I’ll write it in short), Apple might be releasing iPhone 4 with an antenna-gate internal fix.

If that have been actually pulled off, I wonder how frustrated early iPhone 4 adopters will be xD

Y’see, I remember reading some articles about an Apple engineer warning Steve Jobs (Or let me say Apple to be safe) about the antenna-gate issue but they ignored him and what happened have happened… I can’t get the feeling where Apple fanboys will go “HE SAVED OUR LIVES BY FIGURING OUT A MAGICAL INTERNAL FIX FOR THE IPHONE 4″… Or something like that… Or that could be just me.


6 thoughts on “Apple to release antenna-gate-free iPhone 4!?

  1. but but

    its apple
    and and
    its steve jobs
    am sure he knows what he is doing

    /bow for the greatness that is steve jobs

  2. I honestly never expected that kind of move coming from Apple. I thought that was it. Nothing can be done except apply a rubber bumper/ condom to cover that hole. And that only with the iPhone 5 they’ll make some drastic changes to the phone. But seriously, wow. Steve Jobs you’re one smart S.O.B.

  3. I repeat, it’s just a feeling I’m getting… But hey, I could be right or wrong… Who knows?

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