Apple Store MacBook Air balloon – BUSTED!!

I was checking out some random tech blog on the latest info for Apple’s upcoming iPad 2 and suddenly I put all my searching actions to a halt when I saw this youtube video of Apple demonstrating how light their new MacBook Air is.

Amazing isn’t it!! That’s exactly what I thought and then I was like “Wait a minute. I remember holding the new MacBook Air at Excite and it did kind of felt heavy. It would be practically impossible for a single balloon to hold the MacBook Air. I smell bull crap on this clever marketing scheme because it is just as fake as the moon landing. If it was possible then all the laws of physics should just be ignored. I know for a sure fact that there has to be some sort of an eye trick to it. The next video will demonstrate how it is pulled off.

Here is a little interesting info I found out about helium. It takes 15.9 cubic feet of Helium to lift one pound. That being said, t would take approximately 11.76 cubic feet of Helium to lift a MacBook Air or more like the movie UP.

Obviously a party balloon or in this case an Apple balloon designed in California but made in China can no way reach 11.76 cubic feet. Clearly, you can see the strings that’s attached from the balloon to a bright light bulb/hook thingy. And no, I am not into physics because it destroyed my brain cells decades ago.

You have to hand it Apple’s marketing team for coming up with a smart marketing idea for their products. Now I am wondering when will the village idiot pop-up to post a youtube video trying this cool trick on his or her $1,000 – $1,500 MacBook Air toy.

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