Another use for nail clipper; ESCAPE PRISON!!

Alright, this is making me wonder if it’s a common thing in Canada if you remember my old post about prison bailout excuse

Some prisoner escaped from some prison in Canada by using a nail clipper and some other tools…

Let’s just hope nothing similar happens in Kuwait so the government wouldn’t ban nail clippers in Kuwait (It could happen, Kuwait is somehow weird)…

I’m not giving details because I suck at explaining, so I’ll just point at the REUTERS article to read if you’re curious.

6 thoughts on “Another use for nail clipper; ESCAPE PRISON!!

  1. Not curious at all, if I wanted something weird, then I’d go to … Just kidding buddy, but seriously I thought you’re going to use it just to inform us if you added something new in your WIKITIONARY (at least anything similar), but telling us everything you do (stuff we don’t need!) … that’s just weird and useless!!

  2. Read the post about twitter again… I mentioned I’ll be keeping people up to date about things I do or whatever happens in my website… 😛

  3. “whatever happens in my website”

    Exactly, things that happens in you website not in your life, I mean who cares if your going to get a shower or not, or drinking KDD banana?!! no offense

    Bottom line, I think you should use it for AS I SAID BEFORE “WIKITIONARY” and maybe for telling people your playing COD so that they can play with you, but telling people you’re going to take a shower!! that’s just too much! sorry, but I just wanna help buddy!

  4. I’m sure you’re familiar with “IF STATEMENT” so I’ll explain it this way:

    if ( ( keep whoever interested up-to-date about whatever I do ) || ( whatever happens in my website (Mostly would be about new definitions in my WIKITIONARY) ) )

    return 0;

  5. I was just trying to help to make your twitter useful, but it seems like you’re so stubborn … Oh well I guess I’ll just delete your twitter RSS feed it’s kinda useless, everyday i receive more than 10 feeds, and all of them are useless! so why the hell would i want such a thing!! sorry for wasting your time buddy!


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