AnonKuwait (Updated with “No Cap” poster)

Well, a few minutes ago, AnonKuwait hacked FASTtelco’s control panel page (Control panel of what exactly?) and, well, it stays there for few seconds then redirects you to their twitter page.

As a loyal former employee, I feel bad for FASTtelco. But as a frustrated customer, I feel good about AnonKuwait’s action!

I hope this delivers the message of every frustrated internet user to our ISPs, and, FASTtelco is the first one to be served.

UPDATE: They added “No cap” sign to their hacked control panel xD

2 thoughts on “AnonKuwait (Updated with “No Cap” poster)

  1. At least that’s something. Personally, I think it’s amateur work, but then again, what do I know about hijacking websites.

    Regardless, kudos to whoever did it. I hope that next time, he takes everything down and for a longer period. I don’t mind staying without an internet connection for a couple of days if it sends a clear message to those greedy back-stabbing ISPs.

    minor notes:
    – “kuwaiti-fy-ing” the anon logo doesn’t make sense. You are anonymus. anonymus are transparent.
    – using wordpress and twitter is not the best way to remain anonymus. all it takes is one court order.

  2. AnonKuwait passed from here.thanks the website owner to publish and transfer.

    we send them message, and The message arrived, Will continue and will never stop ..

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