AnonKuwait: SQL DUMP 2nd look, you fake attention wh*** who can’t hack for jack shi*!!

So, I was so hyped yesterday to the point where I thought “YEAH!! SOMEONE FINALLY SCREWED QUALITYNET!!”.

I woke up today with a bad feeling like “Something smells fishy in the dump, I gotta check it out”. And I did… Hold me credited or not, your choice, but I’ll say what I’ll say.

If you haven’t downloaded the SQL dump, you can by going to AnonKuwait update page and if you didn’t downloaded the populated HTML file I made yesterday, please to make sure I’m not the only one who fell for this, well, joke maybe?

There are two major databases in the leaked SQL DUMP; student2006 and hits.

And now that I reread “student2006”, I figured “Wait, old SQL DUMP that he just decided to share? You mean a 4 years old SQL DUMP?”. Apparently, it is (OR it is as far as I can tell).

So, I went to Qualitynet page that AnonKuwait assumed he hacked and decided to search by seat number. I tried the following numbers:

No result.

So I thought “Maybe I’m wrong, let me check out names by choosing high school and all trying to match current QNet’s database with what I have dumped, nothing.

Talked to friends over twitter and, well, you can download the file from here.

Here’s an interesting convo happened between my friends and I:

So apparently, he have us all fooled thinking he actually SQL-Injected the thing and dumped the data where what he did is download it from Quality Net site itself.

Just in case people can’t see ls thing, here it is:

Note that the file “db.sql” is there! The EXACT same file he falsely assumed he hacked.

Credibility have been lost.

Seems like I was wrong about AnonKuwait about being wrong about him. He’s not even a skiddie, he’s most likely worst\noober than just a mere skiddie. I can’t believe I fell for this and his fake-hacks!

5 thoughts on “AnonKuwait: SQL DUMP 2nd look, you fake attention wh*** who can’t hack for jack shi*!!

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    وانت منو حضرتك علشان تقيمة خل الحملة تمشي بدل ما كل شوي كاتب موضوع عن الريال

    1. مريض نفسيا؟

      انت جيّكت على اللنكات اللي انا حاطها قبل لا تكتب تعليقك؟
      يبا … قاعدة البيانات اللي يقول انه سوالها هاك (طل) موجوده هني بموقع كوالتي

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