AnonKuwait: Gulfnet blocked AnonKuwait’s Gulfnet hack post

Yep, “Bat” mentioned that Gulfnet blocked this page so people won’t try accessing it.

Proof, here’s a video of it:

Thank you “Bat” for sharing this vid :3

5 thoughts on “AnonKuwait: Gulfnet blocked AnonKuwait’s Gulfnet hack post

  1. so this is proof that he/they really did hack the cameras?
    either ways good job Anon and thank you ( this time its you Q8Geek :P) for the confirmation

  2. hack? oh noes, what he did was brute force the password from a public library which are thrown all over security sites nowadays. If he claims to be a hacker he will hack sensitive servers i.e dns/mail at the bare minimum , If he’s really pro and a bugtracker equipped with coding/networking skills then he’ll really dig deep into their data center easily, remember those companies are like test rat labs If a real blackhat wants to mess with them I have big feeling they outsource their security penetration “kumars” or spend cheaply on it.

  3. sarkeh:
    I’m still picky about confirming it. AnonKuwait could’ve used a better screenshots (Perhaps with a browser and address bar showing the target?)

    But Gulfnet action sort of confirms what he claimed so yea…

    Well, sucks to be them xD

    He is a skiddie for sure, or else he could’ve most likely delivered a more damaging strike.

    But that doesn’t mean he’s not defacing ISPs images nationally\internationally.

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