An EVE player lost ~$1,300 by being destroyed by pirates.

I don’t know if I should feel bad for the victim, but it’s just awkwardly funny.

We all know how players usually buy MMO money\gold with real money. CCP had this “PLEX” thing where you can trade 60 days subscription to an item worth of 30 days subscription which kinda eliminates illegal EVE money (ISK) selling by real money.

And due to an upgrade where players can transport these PLEX codes by ship, you’d actually be able to get a month subscription when you blow a ship (If you’re so lucky).

So this unfortunate player lost 74 PLEX in a fight. 74 PLEX worths 30 months subscription (2 years and 6 months), more than 22 billion ISK or $1,295 (By that time, prices changes by time).

Man this is just insane!! I LOVE EVE ONLINE!!!


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