Alright, the blog is finally up and running

First, I’d like to apologize for the kinky stuff that happened. But one thing I’ve learned: “Don’t fix it if it’s not broken”.

Here’s what happened, due to some retarded reasen, whenever someone goes to “”, it redirects to “Blog might be kinky” post which shouldn’t happen. It would either redirects to the main page “” or give a 404 error.

I screwed up big time that I had to restore a fortunate image I created in August 30th (Right after the first fix attempt which was almost perfect). and work from there.

JustHost guys had hard time dealing with me because I didn’t quite transfer the idea from my head to their but they were kind enough to bear up with me (Till I get to the point where I thought recovering is better than fixing).

So, in case you’ve been wondering what the hell happened, the answer is “I SCREWED UP BIG TIME, NOW THINGS SHOULD BE WORKING FINE”.

I tried with several links. Now “” transfers to “” and whatever old link can work well; it’ll transfer back to its right post.

So yea, I’m really sorry about what happened… But hey, things are working now =D

6 thoughts on “Alright, the blog is finally up and running

  1. kinns: sorry to inform u this but although things started working here in the blog, things got broken down there at the forum 🙁
    1.we cant add comments
    2.we started having “deja vu” (things we have read 3 days ago started appearing as new comments)
    3.we cant add new topic
    i didnt continue discovering it’s other down sides but i thing there is other things that i did not mention…anyway just thought u should know

  2. Well, the “deja vu” thing is due to the recovery i made.

    The forums however will be wiped out soon and replaced with the one to be announced

  3. wow i can see the overwhelming excitement >.>
    btw sig says he can still posts comment while i cant post or sign out of the forum

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