An astrobiologist from NASA, Dr. Richard B. Hoover, claims that we are NOT ALONE! He discovered some fossils of forms of bacteria contained within unique and rare 9 meteorites called the “CI1 carbonaceous chondrites“. These meteorites are one of the oldest in our solar system. The forms of bacteria he found, are both similar to the ones here on earth, but also looks nothing like the ones we have here. He was able to recognize some of these bacteria, while other bacteria were nothing like anything he has seen before. And not just himself, for he also subjected his finds to other scientists who also failed to recognize them.

His work is already being dissected by more than 100 scientist. And also, an invitation for examining his work has been issued for more than 5,000 other scientist. This makes his paper the most examined and inspected scientific paper in the history.

Now, coming to what I think; I don’t really believe there’s life out there. For some reason or another. Mainly because, if there was, we would have found out about them sooner than now. But hey, what do I know?!

Now, coming to what you think; what do you think?


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