Celebrate with Alchole in Public Streets :)

Apparently there was a huge celebration yesterday somewhere in Salmiya where all the Asian communities gathered around in one area and celebrated their own version of Eid with alcohol.

According to AlWATAN newspaper, the celebration is called “DIWALI” which is the ‘Eid of Light’ known among the Hindu community. A celebration that has been around for a thousand years and it is only celebrated once a year on October the 17th. The celebration ritual is practiced by spreading joy, buying gifts, distribution of sweets, lighting up fireworks, dancing and drinking wine till dawn. In other words… PARTY TILL YOUR HEART CONTENT!! 😀 However some didn’t have fireworks and took alternative method by lighting up garbage containers. LOL!!

The party went a bit crazy causing traffic jam, fireworks hitting nearby apartment buildings and pedestrians whilst disrupting the peace within the area. Moreover the drinking of alcohol was publicly used. @_@  When the ceremony was over everyone who was either drunk or that has danced in public streets or rooftop buildings returned to their homes in safety assured. THAT is  JUST CRAZY!!!

Another WTF moment in Kuwait. So let me get this straight. Shesha and Cafe places alike are to be closed at 1 am and you got this huge party going on? What the hell!? We are not kids! If we are ever to step up Kuwait should consider being open and to know that adults too need entertainment.

19 thoughts on “Celebrate with Alchole in Public Streets :)

  1. Me neither. I used too but I quite smoking cause I’m going into body building. But still I know the feeling of other people who are facing this problem and it’s not cool. >_>

  2. Hey!! they didn’t send us invitation!!!! im gonna make my own party, in my own room and, im not gonna invite them. Na it wont be alcohol nor sheasha, it’ll be ubuntu 9.10 party, only Canada Dry and ubuntu 9.10 CD will be served. 🙂

  3. anxious: .. Y O U F R E A K G E E K ! ! !

    loolykinns: With a heavy heart, I have to inform you that you’re no longer the geekiest person i know, tough luck. i can safely say the anxious took that title a loooong time ago. i mean even you wouldn’t through a “ubuntu” party, would you..

    and about the party, one small question pops up.. WTF were the police? I mean come on! beer and dancing in public for hours?!! i guess they were sleeping.

  4. Ubuntu? psssht… I use Xubuntu for Aircrack-ng only 😛 … I plan on writing apps for Win7

  5. I’m not sure which theme is better (this one or the one before that) anyway about the party I think the police were dancing and celebrating along with them that’s why no one came and stop them ,don’t u think?

  6. Probably. I would laugh to death if I saw police dude dancing. ….*YMCA… LOL!!! *Ahem*… Actually the truth is I got an update on this issue and the fact is that the police knew about the event. That’s why they didn’t bother anybody. Plus I find what ALWATAN wrote in their article was over exaggerated (except for the traffic part) the truth is there wasn’t any BIG or major damages caused by the drunk or the peeps that were dancing. Now it’s making me wonder about all the other articles that ALWATAN writes in its newspaper whether they are accurate or not.

  7. the fact that the police knew and didn’t do anything about it means that they’re not really a police because i don’t recall that celebrating alcohol in Kuwait was ever an ok deal…so i think we have even a bigger problem and that is WE DON’T HAVE POLICE which means if u want to arrange an alcohol party then all u have to do is sign some papers with the police and then ur free to drink til u die not alone ofcourse the police men will come and have a drink….shl dyra aly mafyha n6’am.

  8. LMAO!! Well, what can I say bone-crusher except… Welcome to Kuwait! 😀 The land of the hypocrites. Where justice is total BS and that the real world is all hidden through dirty cash and wasta’s.

  9. mo hathy almoshkla…..this sux, the president of kuwait should hire some police men since we don’t have any.

  10. LOL!! XD Dude, first things first there is no president in Kuwait it’s the Shaikh. Second It’s the parliament that is running the country under the tables through dirty cash. Honestly I think that there shouldn’t be a Parliament in Kuwait today because the parliament mission statement existed to speak the voice of the Kuwaiti people. Quite frankly I don’t see that anymore.

    Back in the 70’s Kuwait was nick named the Lulu El Dawla meaning the Pearl Country because back in those days we truly had leisure, entertainment, clubs, bars you name it was was there. The crime rate was really low and all your neighborhood people helped each other out when in need like a real community. It made Kuwait a unique and the most inviting country for tourist. Don’t take my word for it ask your grandparents or relatives and the will tell you all about it.

    Today, there is nothing. Why you say? The answer is simple because people votes were purchased and you also have some Kuwaiti citizens that did not even bother going in and voted for the right people who they think they will help make a change in the country for greater good simply because they think that voting will not make a difference. Everyday when I step out of my house I feel that our country is turning into the 2nd Saudi Arabia. I want my old country back to the way it was before and not what it is right now. We have so much talent in this country but nobody wants to come out because there is no support for it and even if they do come out their names will either get bashed and their work will be considered inappropriate.

    Getting a better police recruitment is not going to help what needs to be changed are some of the mentality and stupidity laws that we have over here in order for us to step forward and not to go backwards in development. All I can say if you want to make a difference be sure that you are registered for future voting and know for whom you should vote for. Don’t take family for friends side when voting because THAT also creates a problem which makes our voting system unjustified. It is your duty as a Kuwaiti citizen to make a change in your country.

  11. man u sure took ur time in writing anyway….all I know is that kuwait is not developing and certainly not behaving.

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