Adult Swim ROCKS! Robot Unicorn Attack – HEAVY METAL!

I really love and adore Adult Swim. I was totally expecting this and they did it! Behold Robot Unicorn Attack has just took a twisted turn from the lands of the heavenly rainbows to the darkest pits of hell. Robot Unicorn Attack HEAVY METAL simply ROCKS!! Unlike Erasure “Always”, the selected default game music is “Battlefield” by legendary German metal gods the Blind Guardian. Adult Swim knows how to pick solid tracks and this one is just full of WINS!

Sadly, Adult Swim does not have a free flash version of this game on their website. This game is only available for the iPhone for $0.99! Dirt cheap! I say “GET THAT GAME!!”

7 thoughts on “Adult Swim ROCKS! Robot Unicorn Attack – HEAVY METAL!

        1. *Face Palm >_< * I thought you actually did some snazzy and somehow managed to install it on the SGS. Oh dude since you're a techy (I'm sure you've tweaked your SGS to run like a rocket) could tell me how long is the battery life on that device? I'm trying to make a decision between that phone, HTC Desire HD and WM7HD.

          1. lol, buddy, it’s been only 5 days with it so far, so i havent actually tried overclocking it or even root it yet! Currently, I’m satisfied with the default UI, aka TouchWiz!

            The thing that holds me back from rooting it is only one thing, the arabic support! So far all other android phones -AFAIK- have serious problem with arabic fonts, whether in browsers or in apps! Mine has the support for it, including an arabic keyboard, out of the box! <-- SGS is regional, so if you want arabic support, you have to but it within the middle east! Battery ... I'd have to say, if you're gonna use it extensively, say 6 hours continuously (WiFi+Bluetooth+Full-Brightness) without closing the background unused apps, the battery is going to dry out! <-- You know, first day, you cant leave it alone! But, if you're gonna use it normally, use it for calls, apps when you need them, browsing, chatting, tweeting, listening to mp3s, it'll stay up! I did all of that today + mp3 podcasts for 2 hours continuously and it's still alive! I plugged it off the charger at 6:40am, and the battery level currently is ... *checks* ... 71% 😀 A biased advise: Dont ever go near WinMob7, you'll regret it! Win phones always have serious problems!! #just to piss off kinns a bit XD

  1. Why oh why did you have to remind me of this song erm i mean game?

    Aaaalways i wanna be with you and make beleive with u and live in harmony harmony awwww

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