Addicting Photography!!

OK… I’m officially addicting photography…

Why? I have alot of reasons:

1. I like taking pictures
2. I like sharing visions I’ve experienced with others
3. My father ( Who once thought of my pictures as child play ) likes’em… As in, He really loved’em
4. It makes me feel mentally better ( As if chocolate’n’coffee weren’t enough 😛 )
5. It kills some of my idle time
6. People really freek out when they see me wearing a backpack and running with a camera 😛
7. Random people sometimes start entertaining and interesting conversations with me (They didn’t do such thing when I used to sit some place an mess with my laptop… Though only one guy did…)
8. I’m pulling my friends along with me to kill their idle time (one bought a camera and another will soon)
9. It kinda manages my time
10. It’s a good excuse to get out from house early (Though it’s hard to explain the need to get out to the higher authorities [My parents]) 😛

I know I lack skills and all… But hopefully I’ll polish my skills soon and get better pictures little by little…

Well, I’ll leave you with few pictures I’ve taken recently an links to the galleries

Black Bird 01

Benches 02

Pathway to Seaven 02

Red Corvette

Kuwait Flag 02

Post Sunset Hard Rock

Post Sunset Marina Wavez 03

Cafe Supreme 06

There’s ALOT of pictures in my galleries… Feel free to check’em out

Click here to visit my Flickr page
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6 thoughts on “Addicting Photography!!

  1. masha2llah u must be very skilled to take pictures like this I mean wow I’m starting to be a fan myself if u haven’t told us that u bought a camera before I wouldn’t believe u I’d say that u took these pictures from google or somewhere else… these pictures r really awesome

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