Adam Tablet

Well, if you’re hyped up about the new iPad, you should hold your money until this baby is out.

Notion Ink are releasing their Adam tablet which be a better investment than buying an iPad… Yes, I know people who are willing to buy that lame crap gadget.

Anyway, Adam Tablet will feature 1080p video output, nVidia and Pixel Qi screen that boost the battery life atleast as twice as iPad’s, it’ll have Android and they’re figuring out Flash support.

Must I buy a bigger bag and anticipate this device to carry it alongside my laptop and camera?


Don’t get the wrong idea regarding my iPad’s comment. I hate Apple products with passion, yet I respect them while excluding the iPad because it’s such a huge disappointment as a device.

2 thoughts on “Adam Tablet

  1. i wonder how much will this cost
    it might be usefull for watching movies in long flights ( bad vision makes ipod/itouch screen useless)

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