*ACHO*!!… Damn wireless… It’s making me sneeze!!!

Atleast that’s the scenario I had in mind 😛

According to a PC AUTHORITY article, someone is saying that %2 of the people in this planet are suffering from Wi-Fi (electro)Sensitivity… Nothing proven yet since there’s no powerful backing facts (If any), but it’s funny when you think about it…

I had to kick in the sneezing panda because it makes me laugh (And kinda cute)…

I just hope the government here wouldn’t band mobile phone, wireless networks, microwave ovens, bluetooth, remote control, TV and everything that has wireless signals of any type just because someone read my article and believe such crap 😛

Click here to read the related PC AUTHORITY article

3 thoughts on “*ACHO*!!… Damn wireless… It’s making me sneeze!!!

  1. LOL they wouldnt…

    even if they did, come on who’s gonna follow that? It’ll be just like when ku gov banned using mobile phones while driving, people followed that law for only two days then what? they’re back!

  2. I do sneeze but not from that it’s from after playing basket ball which in the out side (hot air) I come back to the house which is inside (cold air) and u know what happens if these two got mixed.

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