A *wonderful* kernel patch boosts linux performance magnificently!

Okay, so Mike Galbraith, a linux kernel developer, wrote a kernel patch of 233 lines that manipulates task groups in a more efficient way! Linus himself was impressed, called it a “real improvement” patch, and 1up-ed the developer; “Good Job”!

You might be wondering by now: how much of a difference could it possibly make! I’ll leave that for you to decide!

Phoronix made 2 videos, one before enabling the patch, and one after! Just to let you know, in both videos, they’re using Ubuntu, running glxgears, running firefox, playing Big Buck Bunny 1080p video in totem video player, and compiling the kernel!

So here’s the video, before enabling the patch!

And now, after enabling the patch!

… your thoughts

WebUpd8.org has posted 2 methods for enabling auto-grouping (the patch)! One is to download the patched kernel and the other is to enable it manually! Here’s the post!


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