A new era begins: Buying PS3 inshallah

Yes, I’m a Microsoft fanboy and I LOOOOVE Microsoft with passion fruit…

The reason I’m getting that rather than Xbox360 is that, I love PS3 and I feel it’s better for some reasons:
* Better hardware specs (I can has bluray?)
* Almost same game titles… So I don’t have to worry about games
* GranTurismo
* Tekken
* It’s more fun than Xbox360 Technical-wise (To mess around with)

I’d buy Xbox360 soon though… But priority goes for PS3

Now a new journey will begin… Wish me luck beebol!!

4 thoughts on “A new era begins: Buying PS3 inshallah

  1. my friend bought a ps3 and xbox 360 and he said I regret buying this stupid conceal (talking about xbox 360) and in my opinion ps3 ROX and xbox360…..well I don’t know if it rox or sux because I ‘ve never played it………..but from what I’ve heard it SUX .where ever i go i c the people who have them both( ps3 and xbox360) r playing with ps3.

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