A new era begins: Bought two new lenses…

Until I retrieve my feeds list, I’ll be boring you with this “A new era begins” series…

Anyway, I bought two new lenses yesterday:

4.5/5.6 55mm-300mm and 1.4/50mm

I got those in a great deal… Both lenses are in great GREAT conditions and the price is really reasonable…

In any event, I took my camera for a spin today to see what I can pull off of’em… Unfortunately, my boss called and said I’m late for my shift (Don’t you hate shift-based jobs?)

Nothing special in these two pictures because, well, I didn’t have enough time to poke around with stuff… So yea, bear with it *RAWR*

Cake'n'Coffee 02

Cake'n'Coffee 01

Check my Flickr page in case you’re interested to see my whole gallery

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