A knife that connects to the internet… Not really.

Not entirely a miss-leading topic though.

Anyway, you see the green green knife above? Guess what it’s made of…

Gave up? OK, Fiber optic glass. Yes, the thing used in fiber-optic cables (That we suffer from due to fishermen interruption) and costs you $168 (~50KD).

Worried about rusty knives or want to connect it to the intertubes somehow? This is your answer.


2 thoughts on “A knife that connects to the internet… Not really.

  1. XD dont worry, superman overcame his weakness, as a matter in fact he started to wear cloths made of krypton!! dont believe me? google it! But btw, the no one believes me!

    Oh and i knew it was fiber optics once i saw the pic, the title said the rest!

    And hey, am i the only one who’s seeing some hair behind the knife?!!

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