A Kiss Worth Dying For

Love bites.

Although they are better known as hickeys there is this one recent situation where it is better to refer to it as a bite.

A women in New Zealand had a love bite from her partner that caused her to get paralyzed.

The 44-year old was watching TV when she noticed that her right arm just died out on her. The Doctors found that she got a stroke and concluded that it was caused by the love bite on her neck which she got a few days ago.

It appears that the bite was powerful enough to clot an artery right where the hickey was which moved to her heart and then the stroke happened.

If she got a hickey powerful enough to have paralyzed her i sure hope she enjoyed it.

Call me stupid but it sounds to me like the couple were avid vampire fans.

Think about it, she was 44 years old, a little TOO old and he was biting her neck. Next thing you know a few days later she was hospitalized with a previously unexplained medical situation.

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