A flirting course for GEEKS!?

This ruins everything!!!

Germany (Berlin to be exact), one of the countries that come up with weird stuff (And by that, it doesn’t have to be bad), got this university called “Potsdam University south of Berlin” which offers flirting course for geeks (Masters degree?)…

Philip von Senftleben, an author and radio guy, will teach that course saying that he wants to teach them how to let people’s heart beat fast while the student’s heart remain calm…

I’m sure alot of people here needs that course… And most of’em aren’t geeks… %99.237864528374 of Kuwaiti youth (Both girls and guys) suck in flirting…

Good thing I don’t need such thing… Yet 😛

More details? Check the REUTERS Link.


4 thoughts on “A flirting course for GEEKS!?

  1. lol That was funny. And i agree with you that most of the youth in Kuwait sucks at flirting the only flirt boys know is throwing numbers, well i do not really know how girls flirt i’ll have get my girlfriend to leave a comment here 😀

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