A dud virus/email-cracker

I’ve been searching for some password crackers lately! I found a video which will make you suspect something!!! watch it!

After watching this video I realized four things:

1-This is impossible; cracking an email in seconds!

2-It is a Visual Basic program (look at the icon!!! lol!)

3-There is something fishy so I had to download it!

4-I’m so anxious!!

Anyhow, I’ve downloaded it! and tried it! knowing It may contain viruses! I wasn’t that afraid cause I’m using a Virtual Box and I don’t care what happens to it! so I’ve opened it, and clicked on “Start Cracking” It finished in seconds! And it gave me an idiot password! lol; I’ve wrote my email, so that I’ll be sure if it is true or not! but the cracker was wrong,… tried another email! but the funny thing was that the password which was given was the same as the first one!!! At that moment I laughed so hard!!!

After a while  I asked my self:  so now what? Is that it? NOTHING!!

After another while an error occurred saying the following!! “Worm1 can not be executed! check your files” it made me laugh even more and even harder, How could anyone be that dumb?!! I mean making a virus that can’t do its job!!! really funny! but also weird! you know… He wouldn’t be dumb at all, if he made it to make people laugh at it!!

Hey guys, to download it and have some fun! click the following link: http://rs229.rapidshare.com/files/132567212/passcracker.zip


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