6 thoughts on “7 colored laser!?

  1. Hello Kuwait, Nice to see you have picked up on my instructable, if you have any questions I am only too pleased to discuss the laser.

    Regards rog8811

  2. It isn’t often I get the chance to spread the word around the world.

    I see red and green mentioned in the intro, have Blu-ray lasers hit Kuwait yet?

    Regards rog8811

  3. Well, I think the only way to get one is by salvaging a blu-ray device… Which is an ugly thing to do y’know =_=;

  4. I guess it depends on how much you want one, I have built dozens of them and use one on a daily basis in the classroom.
    Is there much of a laser building scene there or do most people go for prebuilt from the web or shops?

    Regards rog8811

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