4 years of blogging

Yep, 4 years providing useless and random posts to your screen 😀

Things I’ve learned from this experience:
* Embracing technology regardless who made it (Yes, laugh, I have an iPad and Mac mini now [Just to write iOS apps! I have a reason :P])
* Some people\communities here in Kuwait are مو كفو
* Having a unique reputation is waaay better than sucking up and selling out to companies for free junk and making them place ads
* Quality > Quantity (Which is why I haven’t been posting much lately… Not gonna bother myself [And you] and post a slightly funny video … Few exceptions)
* Apparently, I have so many shy readers 😛 (Its ok, you can comment, I won’t bite your head aoff [Unless you’re a baseless fanboy :P)
* This blog is more popular than I thought!

I’d like to thank god for allowing me to live and let an exciting blog live with me (At least exciting to me).
I’d like to thank all of those who encouraged me to build it, supported me until a certain point, threatened to kill me if I ever added an ad, helped me through my geekness and those who I did things out of stubbornness because I hated their guts (Or thought I couldn’t do things) 😛
I’d like to thank all my readers. Without you, this blog wouldn’t have existed to begin with.


4 thoughts on “4 years of blogging

  1. … I used to be ashamed of kuwaiti geeks, seeing that they dont carry on interesting blogs! “مو كفو” was the least i said about them, until I faced college and became somewhat like them. I dont remember the last time i posted anything in here or even on my own blog. :'(

    I just cant wait for the semester to end! So many things to write about, so little free time.

    Just keep up the good work, kinns.

    1. You’re excused, you are heavily occupied with school.

      Some aren’t because they’re just loafing off.

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