2009: The year that literally changed my life

Why it changed my life?

Well, it took away precious stuff from me and gave me other precious stuff… I will add some in the list below:
* I lost a really dear friend (NOT DEAD YOU IDIOT!!!… Atleast I hope so). But I gained brothers and sisters (Disregarding the name).
* I can’t do my bachelor degree in Computer Engineering here in Kuwait. But I’m doing it abroad (Inshallah).
* My Toshiba laptop’s screen died. But I bought Sony laptop (SHUT UP!! I STILL LOVE MY TOSHIBA).
* My old iPod died (I broke it’s monitor out of frustration). But I got myself an awesome 2GB iriver.
* I work in a crappy night-shift-based job. But atleast I’m getting paid enough to bring me chocolate in my room.
* I RRODed my Xbox360 (The Irony). But I gained an awesome PS3 (FUCK YEA!!).
* I lost so much trust and faith in some of my friends. But strengthen trust and faith in others.
* I lost so many friends. But realized how loyal most of my current friends are.
* I haven’t been geeking around much due to mood twists. But I’ve been playing online and spending more “Me” time.
* I don’t have any enough nice sleep. But I have enough nice coffee (And friends that allow me to crash in for a while).
* I haven’t been able to go crazy and nut the way I used to. But when I do, go help you =P
* I haven’t been able to kick in a good laugh. But when I do, I don’t stop.
* I haven’t been eating much. But I’ve been eating healthier food.
* Alot of close friends traveled abroad to live on. But I’ma follow’em up soon.
* I haven’t been talking much. But I learned how to listen and observe.

2009 is the year that somehow matured me more than what I hoped it would…
It is a real rough year for me…
Alot of changes occurred that dramatically changed how I think and\or deal with things…
Things happened that effected and polished some bad factors in my personality that I couldn’t get rid of 23 years ago…

Thank you so much 2009 for what you’ve given me…
Fuck you so much 2009 for what you’ve taken away from me…

10 thoughts on “2009: The year that literally changed my life

  1. now that u mention it….anxious nut is right this blog became more like an ordinary blog then a geeks blog…and especially this post because I visited my friend’s blog a while ago and he said a similar post…so i think u should geek it up a little.

  2. I agree with both Anxious Nut and Bone-Crusher about the fact that this becoming less of a geekie blog, but i’m still liking whats being posted.

    Hail the last two sentences!

  3. Hopefully 2010 will turn out to be much better.
    I disagree with anxious nut ( call me racist 😛 but he’s too anxious) i like your blog.. it is cool!

  4. It’s been a weird year for your blog.

    highlight of the year: you getting hacked. (admit it, it’s ironic)
    downside: not posting much geeky news like you used to. now it’s ether sex, cats, or pictures.

    one thing’s really bugging me though..
    why did you post a christmas greetings post and not a 3eed al29’7a (??? ??????) one?

  5. SIGTERMer:
    Well, being hacked wasn’t my fault, someone hacked the provider (Palmhost) and got into every single hosted website…

    That, and the X-MES wasn’t my doing… It was Darkwolf80s doing and it has an inside joke… A deadly one that left me dead for few hours at work just tearing and laughing like an idiot…

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