2 commands made me realize that I am not a PC!

You know, some people say some times some commands while thinking or talking! I am one of those and usually say it when i mean it! Just like: “Look, if you’re not gonna tell me where you hid my wallet, im gonna ssh into you and do history | grep wallet!!” or something similar, and only to the ones who understands!

But … the last two times i did made me regret it! Also proved that I’m no PC to do that!

The first one was when i was going to eat lunch and i was starving, I said: “Oh im gonna mv all_served_food /dev/stomach“! I ended up having a severe stomachache! and I regretted it!

The second time was last night, i wasn’t feeling sleepy at all! So I was doing some stuff on my PC until i realized it was dawn! I prayed and had to sleep! I was nothing near sleepiness, so i had to sudo sleep 6h! I just wish that i hadn’t done that! That should make me sleep 6 hours, but apparently, there was either a bug in the sleep command or a hardware malfunction! I SLEPT 12 HOURS!!! Although i heard the alarm clock rings while sleeping, i couldn’t move! IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF SUDO!!

And now I have realized that i am not a PC to use such commands on myself!!! But the problem is: i never learn from my mistakes! *shrugs*

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