12 little pigs. And two big stupid thieves!!!

I just remembered Green Jelly’s song “3 little pigs” which was funny… That song is as funny as this post 😛

Well, this story took place in Southern Hungary…

Hungarian police caught 2 theives stealing 12 pigs and stuffed’em in a Renault Kangoo van… Each weights 25KG~30KG…

I recommend parents to start telling this idiotic story (ofcourse adding some action and drama) to their kids as a bed story so they’d sleep with a smile… Who knows, maybe add a gun fight between the 2 thieves and the 12 pigs… Or just convert it to a Kuwaiti style and convert pigs to sheep, chicken and camel 😛

Click here to read more about it in REUTERS.

3 thoughts on “12 little pigs. And two big stupid thieves!!!

  1. interesting idiotic story and AWESOME theme !
    organised, clear , modern and cooool 😉
    i give it a thumbs up ….

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