“Wanna go see a mammoth?”:

This question might not be as far from reality as you’d imagine now, because Dr. Akira Iritani from Kyoto University is planning to clone a mammoth! He thinks he can make that possible by using a recent technique that was used to successfully clone a mouse from some tissues that had been frozen for 16 years.  He plans to use this technique to clone mammoth frozen tissues, and the world would have a living and walking (eating too, why the hell not) mammoth by 2016.

How he’s going to do that? Well, he’ll try to use an African elephant’s egg, fertilize it with the mammoth tissue then inject it inside the elephant itself. Of course it’s not that easy, not just the fertilizing part, but also in growing the mammoth itself. Mammoths were subjected to extinction for a reason; a major part of that reason is the environment change itself. But hey, if he wants a mammoth, let him make one!

I wonder, if he succeeded, what would that mean? What new doors in science would open?

And I also wonder, why mammoth?


5 thoughts on ““Wanna go see a mammoth?”:

  1. Interesting! I don’t think he will succeed, but if he did, it’ll die in a very short time! And I am feeling sorry to the elephant, she’ll lose her marbles when she sees that she brought a freak to this word!

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