VIVA, would it have killed you if you informed me 5 days earlier?

* Calling asking them if there was a network cap… [DONE]
* Calling to file a support ticket to resolve my issue… [DONE]
* VIVA calling me back to inform me whether they resolved the issue or not… [FAILED]
* Follow up from my side… [DONE]
* Calling to file another support ticket to resolve my issue… [DONE]
* Driving to a VIVA branch (Soug Sharq to be more exact) to confirm that the problem is a technical one, not a bandwidth cap issue… [DONE]
* Having a promise from the branch manager to receive a phone call within 48 of my visit (Which was by 11AM in April 26th) to either inform me that they solved it or not… [DONE]
* Receiving a phone call from VIVA guy (Specially after the branch manager promised a follow up phone call to be made by VIVA)… [FAILED]

I passed the 24 hours and I haven’t received a phone call. So I thought “Maybe they resolved it but didn’t inform me. Let me call and follow up”.

I did call. And the guy who picked up the call informed me that the networking company (Huawei) have solved my problem and should work normally. I don’t believe him, so I had to check myself.

Fastest way to do is download Ubuntu (32bit and 64bit) and Kubuntu ISO files. Adding them together, they’d be more than 2GB. If I got’em, that means I’m safe. If not, well, I’m not…

I did, and as I expected, I’m not. So I’ll add this for the fuck of it:

* Calling to follow up if my case have been resolved or not… [DONE]
* Checking if my problem have been resolved or not… [DONE]
* Solved my problem… [FAILED]

I got so pissed that I could tackle a horse!

I finished work and went straight to Soug Sharq. To the guy who “promised” me that a VIVA guy would call to inform me whether they fixed it or not.

Saw another person who’s in charge of the branch today and he didn’t make me say what I have because he knows why I dragged my sorry ass there.

The guy called a guy in HQ, that guy transferred him to another. The second guy told him they’re doing some network upgrades and they should be done within this week. So logically speaking, I expect the service to be running by Sunday.

Here’s the convo that happened after informing me:
Me: So, turns out to be a network upgrade, right?
Him: Yes, should be done with this week.
Me: You mean I’d expect it to be cleared out by Sunday, right?
Him: Yes.
Me: What if it didn’t?
Him: La inshallah it will.
Me: Said the branch manager two days ago, the shift in-charge two days ago and the guy who submitted the ticket by 21st of this month who received my first call. You got a history with broken promises.
Him: If it didn’t get resolved, I’ll let direct you to someone who can solve your problem in HQ.
Me: And you expect ME to go there as if I have nothing better to do in my life but to follow up your screw ups.
Him: It’s the best I can do and you know it.
Me: I started with a phone call, then a second one, then I yelled at a guy who got nothing to do with the issue, then another phone call, then I dragged my ass here to get a broken promise, then I called again for another fake solution and came here with a promise which I’m sure it is broken.
Him: I don’t know what to say, I really have nothing to do.
Me: At least you picked up the phone and made a phone call. Pretty much what the branch manager should’ve done TWO days ago.
*Few seconds of silence*

Me: So I expect it to be resolved by Sunday?
Him: I hope so.
Me: I’ll wait till Monday. I am patient or else I would’ve canceled every single subscription I’ve had with you and bugged VIVA for compensations and stuff. Thank you so much for your phone call to your colleges I really appreciate that attempt.

* Knowing a single reason what might’ve caused this problem… [DONE]
* Achievement unlocked: having a lead to this shit!

So, what do you think of this treatment? You think I’m patient? You think I’m just rude? You think I’m in a god damn hurry and a total douche bag?

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5 thoughts on “VIVA, would it have killed you if you informed me 5 days earlier?

  1. Great follow up!

    You’re way to lenient with them even though there might be a small chance that it could perhaps possibly be a technical issue and not a deliberate cap… maybe.

    However, there is no excuse for the way you’ve been teated (especially not colling you back when they said they would). that’s what I call unprofessional customer support.

    What you should do next is entirely reliant on whether they come through next sunday or not. I hope for their sake that they do.

    The fourth episode will air monday evening right?

  2. Weirdly enough, i think they are the best customer support i ever had experienced, hell i even called loony asking him if should buy their internet service but i guess ill wait till Sunday or Monday or next report to see if its worth getting it, i have their service on my mobile and it works like charm so hopefully they sort their shit out

  3. I read your whole post and you ARE NOT being a douche for being angry. A company like that is supposed to serve the customer as quickly as possible or at least provide a decent and honest estimate on when the issue will be resolved. From the look of it they don’t have decency or honesty

  4. Fastest way to do is download Ubuntu (32bit and 64bit) and Kubuntu ISO files.

    They’re three, not two. 32bit AND 64bit Ubuntus and a kubuntu ISOs

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