Well, I’m poking around with my MediaWiki that I installed in my website…

I call it “Q8GEEKS WIKITIONARY”… It’ll describe the following:
* Jokes and definitions I made.
* Jokes and definitions my friends made.
* Jokes and definitions that we refer to (Pedobear for example) explained in our own sense and ways.
* Some facts about Kuwait explained and detailed in our sense and ways

Whoever feels like participating (And kick in a joke he\she\it made), please contact me for more details.

Well, You can access my Wikitionary HERE… I wrote about two jokes:
* WHAT YOU SAY!? joke

4 thoughts on “Testing my WIKITIONARY…

  1. Aasel / 3asel (arabic word for honey) makes a great substitute curse word when some yahoo cuts you off on the road by mere millimeters

  2. Well it’s not going to be that way… This WIKITIONARY will be more damaging 😛

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