Arabic domains sold @ crazed prices!!

So I’ve been searching for Arabic domains — i think; cause i had the tab opened for a month now — and found that Q8electro/Domainco is reselling some arabic domains. That was not the shock, because the domains they sell have .com as their toplevel domain.

The dot com bit is not that much of a problem when writing the Arabic domain. One will not have to switch the keyboard layout when typing the domain, cause Ctrl+Enter automatically adds a .com and navigates to the site.

The shocking bit began when i went through the list of domains and the prices! The first i saw was دردور.com, i honestly dont know the meaning of it and thought it would be really cheap! I was wrong, 50, yes 50 KD!!! I was all exclamations! I continued, but soon my hands were over my head beaning me! Guess for how much they are selling the domain معجزة.com. 100? 200? 250? no, FOR 1000 KD!!!

Seriously, i know they have the right to set such prices, BUT WTH?! From what i saw from the list … i dont think anyone would ever want to buy from them, … unless somebody’s threatening him! I myself would never buy any domain at such prices, even if has my name; محمد.com. Oh wait … sorry, that’ll be worth millions!!

Of course not to forge mentioning that they got another undeclared set of prices for domains of family names! Now if you’re interested, you can go see the list for yourself on their rusty website, no offense!

Oh and just not to be all against them, they’re having discounts right now, during Ramadan! And hey, if you buy one, i’ll know you have monies, and lots of them, to waste 😉

6 thoughts on “Arabic domains sold @ crazed prices!!

  1. lol
    actually dude
    this is a reseller
    so it works like this:
    there is some company that is selling these domains, i think they are all at standard prices smthng like 10 kd for the domain. what this company is doin is that it is buying all these names and selling them for a higher price!
    Which is perfectly normal! Its how things go! if you want to get ur own domain, find the source!

    1. true, you got a point there! But you’re not getting the main point!

      … 10 KD, If these silly domains are sold at such prices, i bet the rest — the most at least — would have almost the same prices! I cant assure you that cause i havent found the “source” yet, but usually anything that’s sold by Arabians is way more expensive than the original price, even if the thing isn’t worth it!

      And you know these domains are nothing like to have such high prices.

      Bottom line, they are exaggeratedly overpriced! And since one did it, the rest will do as well!

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