Apple kills VLC out of Appstore

If history have taught us anything, this is going to be bad…

The picture above speaks for itself. Videolan guys aren’t interested in Apple anymore… Even though it’s been pull due to license issues and conflicts, Apple isn’t flexible enough to adjust…

So let’s re-cap:
Apple ditched Motorola chipset, and now they’re making Droids and Android-based phones
Apple killed Google Voice, and now Google kicked in Android OS which is running on so many devices (Not just phones)
Apple unplugged VLC, let’s just hope that Videolan guys do something amazing that just hits Apple back xD


3 thoughts on “Apple kills VLC out of Appstore

  1. they did. they removed vlc from the app store 🙂

    apples tos takes away your freedom to copy, modify, and redistribute. this is a problem because vlc’s license, the gpl, was put in place to defend these rights. the gpl explicitly states that no one has the right to take away these freedoms, but apple did just that.

    apple can modify its tos to accommodate free software if it wanted to, but it didn’t.

  2. Funny thing is, they pulled it off only few hours after I downloaded it. I guess I was lucky, haha.

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