Aaaaand someone is impersonating me in 99.7 FM…

So, according to two of my friends now (And counting), some guy have been calling 99.7 FM and answering some trivia questions under the name “Q8GEEK”.

Now, I don’t have to go nuts and “WHO THE FUCK IS HE!?” and “IMPOSTER!! DIE MUTHAFUKAAA!!!”.

The guy is actually giving me free publicity… I just hope he doesn’t reflect a fake bad image -_-;

So yea, I am not the “Q8GEEK” wannabe who’s calling lame 99.7 to answer some trivia… He’s just someone who’s for some reason giving me free publicity =D

5 thoughts on “Aaaaand someone is impersonating me in 99.7 FM…

  1. Honey, you’re the one and only super mario theeee BEST Q8GEEK in Town, that’s your trade mark so i say go and sue his ass for stealing your name :@

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